Theoria Creative tells your corporate story

In today’s world of shrinking investor attention spans and increasing biotech competition, it is becoming difficult for life science companies to effectively communicate with investors and partners. Science is complicated, but your corporate presentation needs to be clear. If the number of slides in your corporate deck keeps growing but your engagement with investors or partners is not – let us help.

We understand science and combine that knowledge with our expertise in modern marketing. Positioning, storytelling, messaging, written content, and design – we use strategy and creativity to logically connect the dots and guide your audience through the deck message by message. 

Presentation Services:

investor pitch deck biotech


fresh perspective
on your corporate story
and messages

We start by conducting a series of interviews with your team and board to gather everything there is to say about your company and programs. Our next step is performing internal research to understand your science, therapeutic indications, and competitive landscape. Then we get to work on your new presentation.

What you’ll receive: a PowerPoint file, containing a master template, a completely new presentation including a story, positioning and messaging, written content, and visual slides.

This option is suitable for companies with a complex story, multiple assets, or that have pivoted from their original direction.

biotech pitch deck


conceptual graphics
to support provided
talk track

We review your existing materials, including your presentation and related scientific publications, to familiarize ourselves with your science and therapeutic area. We will then connect with your team to discuss narrative for your existing deck. Then we work on creating your new presentation.

What you’ll receive: a PowerPoint file, containing a master template, and a new presentation, consisting of an updated deck structure, clarified messaging, and visual slides. Your team will be responsible for providing the written content for the updated messages on the slides.

This option is suitable for early stage or new companies, with one or two assets, or companies that have a strong corporate story that just needs some clarity.

pharmaceutical powerpoint templates


visual enhancement
of existing content on slides;
design only

If your in-house presentation is too text heavy or needs a professional redesign, we can visually update your existing slides without altering your content.

What you’ll receive: a PowerPoint file, containing a master template, and visually updated presentation. Your team is responsible for written content and messages.

This option is suitable for companies on a budget, projects with short timelines, existing decks that are lacking professional look.

Examples of Work: