Oksana Bovt is the founder of Theoria Creative, an agency that helps innovative companies clearly communicate concepts through visual, graphics-driven presentation and marketing materials.

Oksana’s extensive background spans both the sciences and the arts; she holds degrees in molecular biology, European literature and the English language, and Art Direction in Advertising.

While pursuing her molecular biology degree, Oksana perfected her acute ability to observe, analyze and structure information. Due to her results-driven disposition, however, Oksana was eager for the thrill of an accelerated industry and decided to pursue a marketing career. It was there that she noticed that marketing materials in the tech and science sectors struggled to connect to their targeted audience because the content was too immersed in the insider language.

In her lectures on ancient philosophers and European authors during the course of her second degree, Oksana developed the ability to extract the essence of provided content and write concisely on any given subject matter.

But it was at the Academy of Art University in San Fransico that Oksana realized her predilection for the visual. Upon graduating with an Art Direction in Advertising degree, Oksana was armed with the knowledge necessary to work as a Creative Director.

Knowing what a difficult journey entrepreneurship can be, Oksana began volunteering as a mentor at various startup incubators including the Founders Institute, and Stanford University’s entrepreneurship program, coaching startups on go-to-market strategies, identifying target markets and pitching to investors.

Oksana’s multidisciplinary background allows her to distill the essence of her client’s technical and scientific work, even when they struggle to identify it themselves.