for life sciences
translating complex science
into clear messages, simple graphics,
and persuasive stories.
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Raising funds? Presenting at a conference? Preparing for your IPO?

You have a stellar team and innovative science, but getting an audience excited about your company is a challenge. Your corporate presentation might be too scientific, lack an engaging story, need a clearer message, or simply too cluttered with information.

We combine our expertise in science, marketing, and design to get into the weeds of your science, distill a clear message, build a compelling story, and design a visual set of slides for your corporate presentation.



Is your website effectively pitching to investors and partners, every day?

Available 24/7, your website is essential to establishing credibility and generating viable investor leads, but often it’s neglected, quickly becoming out of date and not reflecting your most current corporate communication materials.

Adding the latest in modern web technology to our deep expertise in life sciences content development allows us to design websites for our clients that are an extension of their corporate presentations. Each page is primed to educate and engage visitors with the compelling graphics you’ve come to expect from us.

Our websites are built using cohesive branding and messaging combined with purposeful web design to attract potential investors and partners anytime, day or night.


Scientific illustrations​

Is your scientific approach simple to communicate?

Science is not trivial. Striking a balance between simple and technical without making it overly complicated is always a challenge, especially if you need to convey your mechanism of action or scientific approach to a broad audience.

Relying on our hybrid expertise in science and design, we deconstruct the science, distill high-level concepts, and craft scientific illustrations that are simple and clear.

For over a decade, we have created scientific and technical illustrations that help our clients communicate science with ease at business meetings or scientific conferences, on corporate websites, or for S1 filings.



Trouble getting traction with investors? Are they interested, but not committing to your project?

Investors are requiring more in-depth information about science before they commit to funding. Providing scientific explanation with sketches and schematics isn’t enough to convert. 

Utilizing our combined expertise in science and creative storytelling, we step-out the scientific details, write a story, design illustrations, and produce an animated video that is visually captivating and scientifically accurate. 

The more ways you can explain your science, the better. Adding scientific animations to your fundraising repertoire helps bring your audience’s understanding to a whole new level and gives you a valuable asset to share your unique solution online, through your website, social media, or conferences.

pharmaceutical branding theoria creative


Is your branding dull, ordinary, or outdated?

Your company is growing and looking for funding, but without a brand identity that stands out to investors, your company, along with its mission, may get overlooked.

Drawing on years of design and industry experience, we transform your company’s unique tone of the voice into a brand that visually represents your company’s energy, personality, and drive.

For over a decade, we have created meaningful and memorable brand identities that have helped our clients stand out.